With over 30 years experience, MPW offers a wide range of services, including: membrane cleaning, off-site membrane cleaning, rebedding, membrane replacement, and retrofits. And if you don't see a service you need listed, contact us...we'd love to discuss how we can help you.


Membrane Cleaning Studies

Cleaning studies are an essential tool for ensuring a successful outcome when cleaning a membrane system. The use of inappropriate cleaning chemicals or an unsuitable cleaning protocol can be a waste of money and valuable time.


Off-site Membrane Cleaning

Some smaller membrane plants do not have Clean-InPlace (CIP) systems, while others are averse to handling chemicals, are unable to achieve an efficient cleaning due to equipment limitations, or are limited by local discharge restrictions. In such cases, fouled membranes are replaced by a spare set and sent to an off-site facility for cleaning.


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

MPW offers replacement of membranes for your reverse osmosis system. Replacement membranes are an important investment and MPW’s technical knowledge and experience results in flawless product selection, installation and start-up. Instead of focusing valuable resources on projects like membrane replacements, MPW allows your company to focus on its core activities.

Media Filter/Ion Exchange System Rebedding

MPW’s Industrial Water and Industrial Cleaning groups partner to deliver unmatched efficiency in replacing your filter media or ion exchange. Our customer service representatives work with you to analyze, profile and arrange your used media for disposal at an approved site, ensuring environmental compliance. In-house vacuum crews remove old media or resin under the watchful eye of our trained Confined Space Rescue team. The Industrial Water team supplies any replacement parts and expertly installs new media or resin, guaranteeing performance on start-up.

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Electrodeionization (DI/CEDI) Retrofits

EDI systems can be complex, expensive and intimidating. MPW offers a unique ability to design and install EDI system retrofits, bringing your aging system back to peak performance. With a comprehensive understanding of how the systems of different manufactures function, we design and implement custom solutions that optimize performance and assure years of trouble-free operation. MPW’s electrical, mechanical and controls professionals work in concert to execute the entire range of options, from simple stack upgrades to complete system replacement.

Read how MPW improved performance with an ion exchange system rebidding.