MPW is a leading supplier of outsourced water treatment systems and services. Our engineering teams have designed the most advanced mobile water treatment systems, carefully selecting components that balance performance and value. We proudly offer these same components to our customers tailoring the best possible combinations for peak performance on each application. Contact MPW's aftermarket sales group today, and put our experience and buying power to work for you.

Media Filter/Ion Exchange System Rebedding

MPW’s Industrial Water and Industrial Cleaning groups partner to deliver unmatched efficiency in replacing your filter media or ion exchange. Our customer service representatives work with you to analyze, profile and arrange your used media for disposal at an approved site, ensuring environmental compliance. In-house vacuum crews remove old media or resin under the watchful eye of our trained Confined Space Rescue team. The Industrial Water team supplies any replacement parts and expertly installs new media or resin, guaranteeing performance on start-up.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

MPW offers replacement of membranes for your reverse osmosis system. Replacement membranes are an important investment and MPW’s technical knowledge and experience results in flawless product selection, installation and start-up. Instead of focusing valuable resources on projects like membrane replacements, MPW allows your company to focus on its core activities.

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