Carbon Activated Virgin Coal - 12x40, 1 cf bag

Item: 17590
MPW#: 17590
Liquid Phase Bituminous Coal Base Carbon
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COL - L 60 is a hard and regenerable Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) manufactured from select grades of
Bituminous Coal. COL – L 60 is a high-density carbon with a large pore volume and high surface area. Its pore
structure has been developed for the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight impurities. COL – L 60 is
commonly used for purifying potable water, ground water and wastewater, and a wide variety of
decolorizing/deodorizing applications. COL – L 60 meets ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and Food Chemicals Codex
Standards for drinking water applications.