Ultrafiltration (UF)


Ultrafiltration (UF) is a water purification technology in which feed water is forced through semipermeable membranes to separate and remove suspended solids, colloids, a range of salts, and most organic molecules including bacteria and viruses. UF is an effective means of producing consistently high-quality, low-turbidity, low-SDI (silt density index) permeate perfect for drinking water, wastewater, water-reuse applications, industrial feedwater and RO pretreatment. Ultrafiltration outperforms traditional legacy type filtration systems in half the space, using a fraction of the energy, and virtually no chemicals or coagulants.

MPW Products Direct carries a line of Ultrafiltration systems and replacement modules, for a wide variety of applications. We also offer Engineering Support for UF systems. Please explore the options below or Contact a Specialist for more information.

Please check out the video below from SUEZ and see how their ZeeWeed UF systems work.

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