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Carbon and Multi-Media filter systems are proven solutions that are used in nearly every water treatment scenario. Carbon (Activated Carbon) is a porous material that removes organic contaminants from liquids by a process known as adsorption. Organic molecular contaminants are attracted and bound to the pores on the surface of the carbon particles. Carbon is great for removing color, odor, and taste. Multimedia filters used multiple stacked layers of different types and grades of media. This design is used to reduce the level of suspended solids in a given liquid. Often, these designs overlap.

MPW Products Direct carries a full line of carbon products and standard and specialty media as well. Our Engineers are available to help you design the right filtration option for your water demands. Our Field Service team can work with you to analyze, profile, and dispose of your exhausted media and replace it with fresh new media or carbon. Please explore the options below or Contact a Specialist for more information.

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Carbon & Media

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