Carbon Activated 12X40 Virgin Coco

Mfg#: 12X40 VIRGIN COCO | MPW#: 18889 | Brand: Carbon Activated


Sold as 1 Cubic Ft Units

Liquid Phase Coconut Shell Base Carbon

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ACOC - L60 Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is manufactured from select grades of coconut shell and acid
washed to yield a high purity and low ash content. ACOC - L60 features a high density, large micropore volume
and high surface area. It’s commonly used for beverage manufacture, dialysis, potable water, and a variety of food
grade applications. In properly designed systems, ACOC - L60 will effectively remove chlorine, chloramines, lead,
TCE, PCE, THM’s, Phenols, pesticides, detergents, taste & odor, etc. ACOC - L60 meets AWWA Standard
B-600-74, ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and Food Chemicals Codex Standards for drinking water applications.

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