Online Equipment Ordering

Quickly and conveniently order new mobile de-mineralization trailers to be delivered within your requested time frame. You can also release it for pickup. MPW's Online Equipment Ordering allows you to specify your mobile de-mineralization needs 24 hours a day from any mobile device.

Remote Monitoring & Usage Reports

Monitor mobile equipment performance in real time from any computer or phone, even when you are off-site. MPW software empowers you to remotely view key data, ensuring optimal performance of equipment. Information such as mobile equipment trends, equipment performance or total gallons produced is available for convenient customer review.

Equipment Order History

Review the history of all MPW mobile equipment delivered to your site, even if it was not ordered through Water Direct. From the simplicity and convenience of one screen, your Equipment Order History gives you access to:

  • Total number of trailers used
  • Work order data for individual trailers
  • Remote monitoring data for in-service trailers
  • Functions to order or release trailers