Anthracite #3

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Anthracite #3 Water Filtration Media
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CEI manufactures high quality, dry and low uniformity coefficient anthracite filter media. 

Incorporating an anthracite layer into your filter beds or converting from a single-sand to a dual-media (sand and anthracite) filtration system offers many water quality and cost saving benefits. 

Anthracite angularity results in a larger void ratio that allows more solids-holding capacity than rounded sands, yielding a consistently better filtrate quality throughout a filter run. A dual-media system more fully utilizes the entire bed for storage of filtered solids. The lower uniformity coefficient anthracite has less oversized and undersized particles resulting in a highly uniform bed. Furthermore, the low uniformity coefficient of the CEI anthracite means the ratio of the coarser grain size of the anthracite to the effective size is lower, and therefore the required backwash rate for fluidization is considerably lower than for other high uniformity coefficient anthracites. This also means there is less stratification of the smaller sized grains on top of a layer and larger sized grains at the bottom. There is more tendency for the carious-sized grains to mix, rather than to stratify.

The water passing through a dual-media filter contacts the coarser anthracite and utilizes the considerable "void area" to effect removal and storage of suspended solids. A dual-media system incorporating a low uniformity coefficient anthracite also requires lower backwash rates to achieve fluidization. The filtration rate can be 3-4 times higher than those of rapid sand filters.

CEI dry anthracite filter media weighs only 50 pounds per cubic foot compared to 52 to 56 pounds per cubic foot for a “wet” product. This difference means you purchase less anthracite filter media to fit the same amount of space in the filter. Why buy and ship water?

Packaged in 1 cubic foot bags.