Chelating Resin MTS930Plus, Na+, High Capacity

Item: 21506
Mfg#: S930PLUS (95192)
MPW#: 21506
Iminodiacetic Chelating Resin - High Capacity
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Purolite MTS930Plus is a macroporous polystyrene; based chelating resin, with iminodiacetic groups designed for the removal of heavy metals from industrial effluents. Purolite MTS930Plus finds use in processes for extraction and recovery of metals from ores, galvanic plating solutions, pickling baths and effluents. Further uses include the decalcification of brine for chloralkali processes, where Purolite MTS930Plus shows advantages under certain operating conditions over the typically used aminophosphonic type resins such as Purolite MTS940. Purolite MTS930Plus has high selectivity, capacity for hardness and strontium, and has excellent osmotic stability. 

Purolite MTS930Plus is susceptible to oxidation. Hence direct treatment of brine solutions containing free chlorine should be avoided, for instance by preliminary reaction with sulphur dioxide, sulphide or, by use of a treatment with activated carbon. Brine solutions can often contain significant concentrations of chlorates. In this case it is necessary to ensure that the displacement rinse prior to the acid regeneration is efficient, so as to avoid the formation of free chlorine from contact of chlorates in the brine solution with the regeneration acid.