BW30 PRO-4040 Membrane, Brackish RO Element 4", 34 MIL, 99.7%, Fiberglass

Item: 19113
Mfg#: BW30 PRO-4040
MPW#: 19113

99.7% Rejection - 4", 34 mil, fiberglass standard reverse osmosis membrane element for medium-sized water treatment applications.

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DuPont FilmTec™ BW30 PRO-4040 reverse osmosis membrane elements provide high-quality water and consistent system performance in light industrial and drinking water applications. Ideal for medium sized water treatment systems that produce 10 gallons per minute of permeate.

  • DuPont FilmTec™ BW30 PRO-4040 builds on the previous generation BW30's industry standard for reliable operation and production of high quality water.
  • BW30 PRO-4040 offers higher rejection, higher flux, and increased flow compared to the historical BW30-4040 membrane elements.
  • 99.7% Rejection 
  • Enhanced fouling protection from improved chemistry and thicker feed spacers
  • Can be cleaned over a very wide pH range (pH 1-13)
  • Ideal Use: Commercial water treatment systems, Food Service, Medical and Research institutions, Car Wash applications, and the Hospitality Industry

Elements with a hard shell exterior are recommended for systems with multiple-element housings containing three or more membranes, as they are designed to withstand higher pressure drops.