LC LE PRO-4040 Membrane, Low Energy Brackish RO Element, 4", 28 MIL, 99.5%

Item: 19119
Mfg#: LC LE PRO-4040
MPW#: 19119
99.5% Rejection - Spiral-wound 4" element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane, low energy, 28 mil spacer
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DuPont FilmTec™ LC LE PRO4040 Elements deliver high quality water at low pressure and harsh water conditions, using DuPont's proprietary technology for low energy commercial applications. Fully automated element production produces the most consistent products and minimizes the total cost of water treatment systems.

  • LC LE PRO-4040 delivers high quality water at low pressure at harsh water conditions, using DuPont’s innovative, proprietary technology for low energy applications.
  • 99.5% Rejection
  • Industry leading active area (94 sqft) which provides less fouling do to lower operating flux while maintaining high flow
  • High salt rejection at low pressure in harsh water conditions
  • Provides most effective cleaning, robustness, and durability due to the wide cleaning pH range (pH 1-13) and high chemical tolerance
  • Ideal Use: Commercial and Light Industrial water demineralization, Municipal drinking water, water reuse, Harsh feed water conditions, Drinking water refilling ststions, bottling plants, Hotels, Schools, Institutions