XLE-4040 RO Membrane, 4", 28 MIL, 99.0%

Item: 19117
Mfg#: XLE-4040
MPW#: 19117
99% Rejection - Extra-low energy 4" element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane, low energy, 28 mil spacer
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A complete range of DuPont FilmTec™ 4040-size elements is available to meet a wide variety of customer needs for commercial applications, from the highest purity water to the lowest total system costs.

  • DuPont FilmTec XLE-4040 is the most productive, lowest pressure extra-low energy RO membrane
    available, delivering the lowest total system cost.
  • DuPont FilmTec™ LP-4040 delivers high quality water at low pressure operation. LP-4040 replaces many “first generation” low pressure membrane elements and will purify more water in many older systems, especially on cold water feeds.
  • DuPont FilmTec™ TW30-4040 is the industry standard for reliable operation and production
    of the highest quality water.

Tape-wrapped elements are built with the same high quality membranes and materials of construction as industrial elements, except for the hard outer shell, and are more economical for commercial systems with one or two elements per housing.