Item: 5727
Mfg#: CPA5-LD
MPW#: 5727
99.7% Rejection - High Flow, High Rejection, Low Fouling Brackish Water RO Membrane
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CPA5-LD from the Hydranautics LD Technology™ - innovative low fouling membranes, achieves the highest flow and highest salt rejection for the most difficult of brackish feed water conditions

Where ultrahigh purity water is required under difficult feedwater conditions, the CPA5-LD gives the most desirable combination of high rejection and high flow. For industries such as power, semiconductor, food and beverage, where high purity water is critical to operations, CPA5-LD gives you the most desirable combination of performance and efficiency.
CPA5-LD helps reduce RO system power consumption and the membrane resistance to biological and colloidal fouling helps reduce the number of cleanings required, lowering the overall cost of your operation.


  • Boiler makeup water for power generation
  • Ultrapure water for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries
  • Industrial waste water recycling
  • Zero liquid discharge/HERO process

Rejection Percentage: 99.7%
Average Permeate Flow: 11,000 gallons/day