Anion Strong Base Resin A850, Cl-

Item: 21499
Mfg#: A850 (76002)
MPW#: 21499
Acrylic Gel Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin
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Purolite A850 is a gel-type 1 strong base anion exchange resin with an acrylic matrix. The acrylic matrix ensures excellent removal of organic matter from a water supply in conjunction with its reversible removal upon regeneration. This resin is regenerated very efficiently with lower levels of sodium hydroxide than those required for a polystyrene based type 1 resin, and yet it has a comparable ability to remove weaker acids including carbonic acid and silica. Its use in combination with a polystyrene based resin (for instance in a mixed bed positioned after the anion unit) can often result in the removal of a wider spectrum of organic compounds than either type of anion resin alone.