Anion Resin PFA400 Cl Form

Item: 18487
Mfg#: 43112
MPW#: 18487
Resin, Anion, PFA400, Cl Form, 1 Cubic Foot Box
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A gel type I strong base anion exchange resin which because of its Special Narrow Size Distribution has High Operating Capacity particularly at lower regeneration levels, where the effect of its Superior Regeneration Efficiency is most marked. It is also relatively less susceptible to organic fouling than are standard gel-type strong base anion resins. Consequently higher purity treatment waters can generally be obtained.

The High Operating Capacity may be used to obtain longer runs and higher throughputs, which can also be realized where small or shallow resin beds are required. These significant advantages result from improved optimum rates of ion exchange loading and regeneration. Hence operation at high flow rates which are normally detrimental to the performance of conventional anion exchange resins is perfectly satisfactory. Thus useful
economies may be made both in operating and capital costs.